Preservation and Community

Preservation and community are at the heart of this new chapter in the story of the Tobias Lear House. Its new owners view the Tobias Lear House as a historic treasure that should be shared with the community at large, and they believe that this can be accomplished notwithstanding its commercial operation as an inn. In fact, it is the very prospect of a successful commercial operation that makes financially feasible the substantial costs involved in rehabilitating and preserving the Lear house for future generations. This latest effort to revive the Tobias Lear House aims to meet the highest standards of historic preservation and to make the property a productive member of the community all the while preserving and bringing to light its historic character. A preservation easement placed on the property in 2019, to be monitored by Historic New England, ensures that the physical integrity of the Tobias Lear House will be maintained in perpetuity.

Heading up the works as Project Manager is John Schnitzler, a master carpenter with forty years of preservation experience, including an impressive list of projects at Strawberry Banke, the nearby outdoor history museum. John has assembled a skilled team of trades people to accomplish the weaving of new heating, plumbing and electrical systems into the nearly 300-year old historic fabric of the house. The rehabilitation and preservation work is expected to take 18 months, concluding in the spring of 2021. Check back here from time to time to see progress on the work, to learn of new discoveries about the history of the house, and to witness the techniques and practices used to preserve and protect the old bones of the house all the while breathing new life into them.

Once the work has been completed and the house is operating as an inn, the new owners have committed to open the house from time to time to the general public in coordination with tours of the adjacent Wentworth-Garner museum house.

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